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Othello Review.


October 20, 2014 by darshs

OTHELLO_2014_POSTER-668x1024“Othello” by The Shakespeare Company completely took me by surprise. The Shakespearean language did never completely click with me, for example the previous plays such as “Romeo and Juliet” and “Hamlet”. Certain phrases and decisions made, by the author for the book or director for a play, didn’t make complete sense to me. The language used I understood most lines, then again at times I needed a explanation towards what a phrase meant. So this is why “Othello” by The Shakespeare Company left me with a great experience with Shakespearean plays for once.
The first point I would like to make about the play is the smooth transitions and the minimal use of black outs. These few black outs, in my opinion, kept the audience engaged because we could see shadows of characters setting the next scene up, it kept us in the thinking mentality of what is going to happen next. The set was minimal, just a wall of sandbags set up. To me that was one aspect I did not understand. In the past the plays I have attended have a constantly changing set. This helped with visualizing the scene in our heads and gives off a better experience. The minimal theme of transactions and sets was a bold choice of the direction. It did help to keep us for focused on the actors rather than a new background each time.
Another aspect of the play that caught my attention right away was the costumes and props used by the actors. A really major decision made by the director was how Othello had a different sword than the other characters in every scene besides one. The different sword emphasized the superiority Othello had over everyone else in the play. The one time he had the same one, was when him and Eago were together and that symbolized how they were both equals in that particular scene.
So to conclude I thought “Othello” by The Shakespeare Company was done very well and every single decision was clearly thought out along with wardrobe and actions. I would very well recommend this play to other as I know they would enjoy it as much as I did.
-Darsh Sohi

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