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September 28, 2014 by darshs

It was sometime around mid-day when I arrived in the forest, the ground was still a tad bit damp from the morning dew. My sight was no more than a few meters in front as the thick bushes and trees obstructed my vision from far. Trees, shrubs and bushes along with exotic plants filled the floor. I walked, seeking for a way out. This forest seemed almost endless. With every step I took, with every turn it appeared as if I was in the exact same spot. Maybe it was just me or it could’ve been the forest. My hearing helped my get out of this as the sounds of water kept me going. I stopped to take a look as to where I was. The mighty tress towered over my head and scarped the clouds as the leafs gently swayed back and forth with the cool winds. Trees, something about them in this particular forest caught my eye, how they stand tall with their arms open and outstretched to the sky, open to love, open to compassion, open to happiness and peace. The mighty trees stand firm in the earthy foundation. They are always growing with their leaves shifting to different colors with the inevitable change of seasons. As I looked down and came back to walking the scent of outdoor freshness filled my sinuses with each step I took. My ears ringing with the sounds of water splashing into rocks in a river. In the clearing I saw mist, assuming a river was under the mist I sprinted over towards it. As I got closer with every leap I slowed down to catch my breath, After pushing a few big, thick leafs away I behold a majestically, wondrous and beautiful, waterfall. The clear liquid flow down from the grey rocks above, to then come crashing down in to a river where it again resumes its gentle and calm flow of state. My reflection in the water was a mirror image, only to have a small branch floating to ruin the image. I sat there, taking in all the beauty that the waterfall and the strange forest had to offer.images

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  1. ibadat says:

    wow darsh superb job! You were very elaborate love it rock on xoxoxoxoxooxxooxoxo

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